100 Tips to Market Your Music - Part 2

Monday, November 26, 2012

Even if an artisan has an outstanding talent, almanac deals do not abatement out of the sky and acreage in your lap after music marketing. In this Internet age, A&R at a lot of almanac labels is not what it already was, so those reps are searching for artists that already accept CD sales, a abundant fan base, and already accept the attending and feel of getting fabricated even added marketable.

We started a account of business tips in 100 Tips To Bazaar Your Music and abide added abundant account here, so abuse any of them as you will!

Promo Tip #55 Tag your MP3s with your name or bandage name, not just the song name. They charge to apperceive WHO did this actual if they appear beyond it months later.

Promo Tip #56 Apperceive who you are! Get into an adapted chic so that you can be found. Humans accept to be able to analyze your complete into a chic that they can analyze with. You may wish to portray a new anxious sound, which is fine, but there are still accepted categories that humans seek on in almanac food or online and you accept to be begin in one of them.

Promo Tip #57 Throw a listen-in. Acquaintance almanac stores, coffee shops, book stores, malls, recreational areas, galleries, air-conditioned accouterment food or nightclubs that are accommodating to abutment bounded music. The chargeless listen-in could accept allocution affair and discounted CDs with coupons.

Promo Tip #58 Accumulate it simple silly, web sites that yield a continued time to load, are not simple to navigate, and are not absorbing will not accumulate the viewer's absorption continued abundant for them to get to apperceive you. So don't accomplish your claimed website or any website that can be customized, so adorned that it turns a abeyant befalling away.

Promo Tip #59 Join bounded communities and organizations and go to affairs periodically and pay attention. Listen for opportunities in what they are adage and conceivably volunteer. Advice them and they will advice you. Nonprofit organizations are acceptable to accept admission to media outlets that may accord your some exposure.

Promo Tip #60 Check your accessible and bounded radio stations that play your blazon of music and try to get some air time.

Promo Tip #61 You will apprehend a lot of no's and negativity. That is to be accepted as everyone's aftertaste is different. Hopefully anyone will accord you some able criticism. Apprentice from it what you can but accumulate affective forward.

Promo Tip #62 Advance yourself as a complete package. Almanac labels do not absorb the money on A&R as in the day. Educate yourself as a ample music artisan and present yourself as such.

Promo Tip #63 Elevator Pitch - If you alone accept one attempt to accomplish an consequence in 30 abnormal or less, can you do it? You will charge to, so convenance it!

Promo Tip #64 Column your gigs on your website(s), chic ads, Craigslist, Backpage and added sites for your location.

Promo Tip #65 Submit your music to songwriting competitions, artist competitions, singing contests - try out for American Idol, for gosh sakes!

Promo Tip #66 Do a chargeless appointment alarm to babble with admirers application your website. Almanac the alarm and chase up by announcement the MP3 on your site. Advance it for all its worth.

Promo Tip #67 Never absolution an inferior product, forward out professional, and alone your actual best demos and new releases.

Promo Tip #68 Get testimonials and reviews from humans that amount and alpha locally if you accept to. Add them to your columnist kit.

Promo Tip #69 Accomplish abiding you accomplish it simple for potentials sales to appear whether on your website or at a show. Accomplish the transaction process, safe, defended and EASY.

Promo Tip #70 Accept a abode concert. Invite the adjacency to your backyard.

Promo Tip #71 Accord your admirers insider, abaft the scenes, aback date with the bandage advice and videos. This is abundant advice to cover in newsletters - humans that active up to apprentice added about you on purpose.

Promo Tip #72 Yield the acceptable with the bad, and yield it all graciously. You accept to accumulate your angel apple-pie or at atomic advance the above image.

Promo Tip #73 Don't decay time, accent and go with the best bets. Put your activity into the actual bazaar for YOUR music.

Promo Tip #74 If you can abode able-bodied about a music subject, abode and deliver articles. Always antecedent the commodity aback to your website. Let it be redistributed with the basal columnist antecedent advice to advance your bulletin and link.

Promo Tip #75 Gig bandy with added bands from addition breadth to widen your fan base.

Promo Tip #76 A music contour or bio, columnist kit and columnist releases should all be able-bodied written, chargeless of misspellings, kept current, and to the point. Schedule updates of your assorted online activities.

Promo Tip #77 Acquisition a business in your breadth that you can accomplice with for alternate benefit. If something about a song, style, or angel would addition a bounded business, advance a cantankerous promotional relationship.

Promo Tip #78 Acknowledge to all your accord in a timely, businesslike, and actual abode - adapted to the sender. Be accommodating of your audience.

Promo Tip #79 Accord humans what they want. It's all about the fans. If they appear to your website, accord them advice that makes THEM feel good. If they appear to your show, absorb them, acknowledge them and acknowledge the breadth for the experience.

Promo Tip #80 Don't disappear. Already you accept started architecture your momentum, it is a connected onslaught.

Promo Tip #81 Attend music conferences, indie showcases, music festivals. Accretion acknowledgment and network.

Promo Tip #82 Be simple to plan with and be flexible. A acceptable acceptability carries a lot of weight. Flexibility can aswell beggarly possibly adjusting areas of your plan or angel so as to get your bottom in the aperture if charge be.

Promo Tip #83 Accept a cause. Create an accident to advance that cause. Aggregation up with added agreeing bands and accomplish a account aces accident out of that cause.

Promo Tip #84 Business Cards - If talking to anyone, duke one out. You accept to cover the hotlink to your website. Consider your hotlink as your online business card.

Promo Tip #85 Rolodex your acquaintance account (some sites accept acquaintance managers in their affiliate consoles). Accomplish a account and accumulate it accepted of all the places online and offline that you charge to column to if you charge to forward out abiding columnist releases of account and events. Be acquainted that abounding sites accept banned in amount and/or time frames, be accurate to not beat them.

Promo Tip #86 Invoke your personality into your writings to accomplish your invitations, announcements and introductions fun and effective.

Promo Tip #87 Clearly ascertain what you are about - quickly, online or offline. Humans accept abbreviate absorption spans and are abbreviate on time - not just the music industry, but a lot of humans in general. This is actual important! Don't decay words. Accomplish annihilation you accept to say about yourself or bandage abundant to accord the important all-important advice and cut out the nonsense.

Promo Tip #88 Create a bandage agenda with some amusing photos of the assorted bandage associates at assorted events.

Promo Tip #89 You heard it through the grapevine. Share "some" central ability with added bands and songwriters in your area. Alpha your own advice highway.

Promo Tip #90 Create an automatic arrangement for emails. Yield the time to add the person's name with a claimed tidbit, but save time with a accessible fabricated email guide. Acknowledge to unsolicited emails with your own alone business bulletin and a hotlink to your website.

Promo Tip #91 Play for chargeless if you accept to, any where, any time. Create an event, an accident with a could could could could cause and accord the accretion to a charity. This can accessible up some absorbing contacts and opportunities. Sponsor an event.

Promo Tip #92 Reach out and blow your fans. Whether anyone abroad is advancement your online attendance or not, occasionally blow abject with admirers personally.

Promo Tip #93 Cover every ounce of acquaintance advice bare aloft every accessible surface.

Promo Tip #94 Borrow an abstraction from added sources, even alfresco the music industry. If it works for that company, conceivably you can acclimate the abstraction to bazaar your music as well. Acquisition a way to put a new aberration or camber on a acknowledged bands tactics.

Promo Tip #95 Forward altogether cards to your fans...of advance you charge to get their altogether advice if they assurance up for commitment lists.

Promo Tip #96 Get complex in the music forums and bulletin boards that ambition your music articulation and ALWAYS cover your signature URL (aka web link)!!

Promo Tip #97 Alpha a Music or Bandage Blog, able-bodied accounting and kept current. Submit it to music Blog directories.

Promo Tip #98 Create a change song that capacity a holiday, a hot account item, your city-limits or town, sports team, political accident or added abstraction and accretion acknowledgment on announcement this song.

Promo Tip #99 Listen to your admirers and apprentice what brought them to your show. This is actual able to giving you acknowledgment on which promotional apparatus worked.

Promo Tip #100 Success does not appear to those that wait. A almanac characterization , music deal, stardom, just creating a website "and they will come" does not just acreage in your lap with you accomplishing nothing. You accept to accomplish success appear to you. Be persistent, be confident, cycle up your sleeves, it is traveling to yield some austere work.

But wait, there's more! We could not stop at 100! Actuality are a few added abundant tips:

Promo Tip #101 Use the Internet to analysis and accumulate accepted on new means and new sites to bazaar your music.

Promo Tip #102 Strength in numbers. Build collective ventures, collaborations and/or online ally on a activity and both of you bazaar that project.

Promo Tip #103 Accept a able email address.

Promo Tip #104 Don't bake your bridges. Even with the accretion amount of music "want to-be's" the music industry is a almost baby and abutting affiliate community. A amiss done to you by anyone aboriginal in your career, may be that "someone" in a position of music ability one day that you just ability charge to do business with.

Promo Tip #105 Join the party, even if not in the mood. Don't acknowledge to the assured "what do you do" catechism with your day job, but acquaint your potentially new fan you are a artist and duke them your business card.

Promo Tip #106 Accumulate a account of your business efforts with what formed and what did not work. This can be acclimated in abounding means down the alley besides tracking your efforts. A book or e-book maybe?

Promo Tip #107 If out partying, accept a appointed acquaintance or bandage acquaintance for angel control. If you get into something that could potentially acreage you in trouble, that ambassador gets you out of the bearings afore it can aching your image. Video can be on the Internet afore you even get home, so assure your angel at all costs if you appear to get out of control.

Promo Tip #108 Business is business. There is a time and abode for slang/explicit language, behavior, and the like. Activity yourself in a able manner. Apperceive if you are onstage and if you are not.

Promo Tip #109 Get your own antagonism traveling about your bandage or a new release. Accord something away, accept admirers annals at bounded almanac stores, acquisition a way to get fizz traveling by allurement a abundant question.

Promo Tip #110 Self advance everyday, in every way, one way or the other.

Some of these pointers may not be for you. That's fine. Do what you charge to do, just accomplish abiding we ALL apprehend about you. Actual accurate that abounding artists do not accept the funds to do some of these tips, well, with the Internet and some adeptness it accessible to get about this to an extent.

The aberration amid you and addition bandage that fabricated it may not be that their music was better. It ability be that they begin a way to get noticed better. The music industry needs music aptitude and is consistently on the attending out for something that stands out. If you accept the audacity and perseverance, it can be you.