Profanity In Music - Part Two - A Call To Action

Monday, November 26, 2012

I wrote addition commodity that deals with my animosity on profanity in today's music. If you haven't apprehend it, basically I wrote of how accepted profanity has gotten. It no best is alone in Rap or Urban music but acceptable added and added accepted in Top 40 Music. I acknowledgment in my advanced commodity that there is a song advantaged F*** You by Cee Lo Green, a song that is currently still in the Top 40 and was a Top Ten song in Billboard's Top 100. Anyone asked me for that song and afresh proceeded to sing it, belting out every f-bomb loud and clear. My commodity addressed this situation. In the end I asked for us, as a society, to be added acute to the use of profanity and for us to anniversary do our alone part.

The acumen that I feel a charge to address a additional commodity to accord with the absolute aforementioned accountable is this: I was cogent my wife about this commodity that I had accounting on profanity. I about never appearance her the online autograph that I am autograph beforehand. In my mind, whether justified or not, that would be like campanology the afterlife bell to my autograph career. I don't wish to accept to adapt my writings because of anyone else's input, which I feel I ability do if I were to let my wife see my online autograph afore I broadcast them. However I still account her assessment so I did recite the aspect of my commodity to her. Able-bodied her ascribe was "Why are you even alms that song in the aboriginal place? After all, if you wish to see profanity taken out of today's music you shouldn't even accept it available."

That viewpoint, of course, got me to thinking. Should I abolish the song completely? My wife added appropriate that I should column a set of Acceptable Guidelines. Abounding others accept statements such as "We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone." Maybe to abstain added incidents like the one that aggressive my aboriginal commodity I should accept a assurance acquaint that profanity will not be allowed. I've been of the mindset that I should acquiesce humans to buy what they want. But afresh again, I run my own business. I can actuate the things that I offer. If I'm traveling to animate a alarm for activity afresh I cannot be a pacifist.

With that in mind, did I acknowledgment that I'm apropos to 'Karaoke' music? There are no vocals on Karaoke advance so if anyone capital to apple-pie up the ahead mentioned song, for instance, afresh a karaoke clue would be the absolute way to do it. In actuality my babe abreast me that the song that got me on this 'crusade', "F*** You by Cee Lo Green", was in actuality advantaged 'Forget You'. She did not apperceive of the 'dirty version' but was alone accustomed with the apple-pie version. This shows me two things; that if an artisan absolutely acquainted that his song would be 'harmed' commercially by it's advanced use of profanity afresh he or she will activity a 'clean' adaptation in adjustment to accept his song played on added stations and awash to added listeners. Most of today's Top 40 songs are awash by the address of it's music and not necessarily because of it's agreeable content. Secondly I can see the account that a karaoke clue can accept in alms apple-pie versions to these songs with 'explicit lyrics'. The agitation lies in the actuality that abounding times, although the karaoke clue may not in actuality accept the ambiguous vocals recorded on it, there may absolute able-bodied be the absolute aforementioned lyrics that appear up on your absorbed screen. Ninety-Five percent of the music I advertise is offered on Compact Disc + Graphics, DVD, VCD, MPEG4, MP3+G, or some added architecture that will affectation the lyrics to the songs. I don't anticipate it would be astute of me to absolve the auction of a song, citation that the chump can 'clean up' the song, if the lyrics are aboveboard displayed. If anybody in the allowance can see the absolute lyrics, while the accompanist is assuming an edited, apple-pie adaptation to the song, there still is a problem. All those that can apprehend accept just apparent the words that I am aggravating to get out of the music. As I mentioned in my advanced article, if you not alone apprehend but aswell see profanity generally enough, afresh it will no best accept the abominable aftereffect that it should have. Your aerial and eyes will accept been calloused to it's use.

So this is what I intend to do. I will attending at the songs that I apperceive of and alone activity the songs that do not affectation the absolute absolute lyrics on-screen. Aswell if accomplishments vocals can be heard that accommodate profanity, I will "quarantine" these tracks. I apperceive that I may never be able to annihilate all the karaoke songs that accept arresting or aural profanity in their recordings but I'm traveling to try. I apperceive I can't alone accept to every disc that has the admonishing "Explicit Lyrics" but I will do my allotment and alpha out with the best affairs discs. Thereafter if any are alleged to my absorption I will aswell yield absolute action. Will this activity affect sales? Possibly, but in the continued run I achievement it affects the sales of the companies that are not alms 'clean' versions' of the songs that we abhorrence to love. Aswell I anticipate I will chase through on the abstraction that my wife had of announcement a apparent assurance that states "No Profanity Will Be Tolerated". Although it absolutely hasn't been a botheration that I accept claim putting up this sign, I anticipate announcement up my animosity on profanity may advice others anticipate about the furnishings barnyard accent can and does have.

So it seems that there isn't any amenities if it comes to profanity. Maybe it's because the use of profanity shows a abridgement of training. We've been accomplished from adolescence to eat with our mouths closed, not to aces our nose, to present ourselves in such a way as not to affront those about us. There was a time if parents would accomplish their accouchement ablution their mouths out with soap if they were heard application barnyard language. I anticipate that happened to me already but I anticipate that I may accept had to ablution my aperture out with soap because of the way I batten to my parents and not necessarily because of the words I said. Whatever it was, I am not advocating traveling aback to that extreme. The training that I'm talking about is absolution others apperceive how their accent affects you. Let's be added 'pro-active' in our appearance of the accessible use of profanity. I was of the angle of reside and let live, you can do what you want, c'est la vie. But with that angle we will see absolute little change. So if barnyard accent offends you, allege up. The next time that you're sitting in a restaurant and you apprehend humans in the next berth over application profanity let them apperceive that it offends you. If one of your accompany or assembly generally embellishes his belief with the use of profanity, let him or her apperceive that the adventure will accept the aforementioned acceptation after the added vulgarity. Remember that change starts with anniversary of us individually. There should be no charge to use accurate soap to apple-pie up our accent but the allegorical soap may be needed. Let's apple-pie up our accent - that's a acceptable abode to alpha in assuming address and account to one another.

I apperceive my chump did not intend to affront anyone. To him cursing has no shock value; it agency nothing. To me it does and I apperceive that my angle may be beheld as old-fashioned. It even makes me feel old autograph this commodity with this viewpoint. However if we, as a society, if we as individuals, become added acute to the use of profanity, afresh maybe little by little profanity will be taken out of the music that we accept to. Let's leave cursing for the arresting moments in activity if the apprenticeship manuals accomplish no sense, if you batter the amiss attach (the feel attach instead of the metal nail), or if annihilation is traveling your way. Even afresh maybe accumulate it beneath your breath. But boorishness and cursing does not accord in our music - let's yield profanity out of music.